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Terms & Conditions

In the entire Terms and Conditions of the business of Eazy Talk , any citation to “we”, “our” and “us” immediately indicates the company, namely Eazy Talk Ltd. The website is the possession of the company itself. Henceforth, the statements recorded in this document, that is the Terms and Conditions, is applicable to the aforementioned website of the company as well. For further inquiries, customers and visitors can contact the Eazy Talk authorities and operators at


Eazy Talk Ltd. is a registered company that provides telephone and router systems along with spare accessories to businesses. It has its registered office in 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX with the company contact number being 020 30110977.

We, at Eazy Talk Ltd., offer connectivity systems for businesses in order to optimize business operations within the corporate premise with cost-effective expenses. The products include telephones, routers, their spare parts and accessories. Each device is ideally crafted to deliver quality keeping efficiency intact.

Our vision is to deliver products that are consistent so as to make customer businesses efficient and therefore more effective. Everyday, we make extra effort to perfect our services a bit more for our customers.

1. Our Products

1.1. The images of the products on our website,, are ideally present for illustrative purposes only. The images exhibit the colours of the products that we deliver almost accurately. Moreover, we, henceforth, are not liable if the customer’s computer fails to displays the product colours accurately to that of the original products. Therefore, the product colour may vary from that of the displayed image on the website.

1.2. The packaging of the products as shown in the images present on the website may vary from that of the ones delivered. In no way are the products going to arrive without proper packaging. However, the packaging can be different than that of the display on the site.

2. Eazy Talk Service Guarantee

2.1. The products may not deliver the best quality which entertains the user to contact us for taking successive measures.

2.2. In case of the number of unsolicited calls does not decrease noticeably, kindly report to us of any issue by dialling 020 30110977 or writing and emailing at

3. Contract

3.1. Our website enables customers to assess the order status and allows for tracking the whereabouts of the products en route.

3.2. In the aftermath of placing an order, the customer will receive an email from Eazy Talk ‘s end stating the receipt of his/her order.

3.3. In order to deliver the dispatch information, we send an email that confirms the dispatch of the product.

4. Customer Rights: Return and Refund

4.1. The customer holds the legal right to terminate the Contract under the Consumer Contracts Regulations Act 2013 (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) whilst the period stated in clause 2. This indicates that at the time of the relevant period, if the customer changes his/her decision, or decide for other reasons that he/she does not intend to receive or keep a Eazy Talk product, he/she can notify us to terminate or cancel the contract and receive a refund.

4.2. The customer’s legal authority to terminate the Contract begins from the date of the Confirmation of Dispatch, i.e. the date on which Eazy Talk sends an email to the customer in order to confirm the order acceptance. That is the date when the contract between both the parties is formed. Moreover, the customer’s deadline for terminating the Contract is fourteen days from the date of sign-up. However, the customer must request a refund in the return of which the product must be returned.

4.3. In order to cancel or terminate the Contract, it is the duty of the customer to inform Eazy Talk regarding his/her decision of termination. An email at or a call at 020 30110977 will contribute towards the said act.

4.4. In the case of a product’s successful delivery before the customer’s decision to cancel the product, the following are the necessary actions that he/she must conduct.

4.4.1. The customer must return the product to Eazy Talk not later than 30 days from the date of his/her payment made to Eazy Talk .

4.4.2. If the customer happens to successfully return the product within 30 days from the date of payment made to Eazy Talk , he/she will receive a refund of the money paid to us.

5. Delivery

5.1. Eazy Talk ‘s personnel will contact the customer with an estimated delivery date, that will be within 5 working days from the date of purchase. Generally, orders are dispatched within 24 to 48 working hours. The delivery takes place within 4-5 business days after the product dispatch.

5.2. Delivery of a product order shall be completed after the product reaches the customer at the address that was quoted. Thereafter, the product begins to be your responsibility.

5.3. Once Eazy Talk receives the full payment, including all applicable external charges like delivery, etc, for the product the customer orders, it starts to be the property of the customer.

6. How to make Payments

6.1. The customer can only make online payments using a debit or credit card. The product order can also take place through telephonic communication. Dial the number 020 30110977 in order to place an order of the ideal product you wish to purchase.

6.2. The payment for the product along with the applicable external charges, for instance, delivery, must take place in advance. The company does not accept post-payment methods. Therefore, online payment happens to be the only alternative to place an order successfully.

6.3. Eazy Talk proceeds with the order once the payment is made from the customer’s end.

7. Eazy Talk ‘s Liability

7.1. If the company fails to adhere to the Terms and Conditions, we are solely responsible for the damage or loss you suffer that is a foreseeable result of infringement or negligence from our end. However, we remain neutral for any loss or damage that happens to be unforeseeable.

7.2. Eazy Talk supplies the products present on the website for domestic, business and private use. Moreover, we are not liable for any kind of loss of profit, loss of business and the like.

8. Age of Customer

8.1. The customer who intends to place an order of the products exhibited on the website must be at least 18 years of age. 

9. Data Protection

9.1. Eazy Talk fully complies with adheres to the obligations under the Data Protection Act 1988.